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Harsh Bulgarian reality...

Average pensions below €200

Many pensioners are forced to stay in the labor force well beyond the retirement age. Not to mention, that it’s really hard to get a job anywhere at such age.

No venue for socialization

Lack of financial security pushes individuals to stay home. Moreover, not many places have “grandma-friendly” environment or activities . It’s hard to make new friends and socialize if you are a pensioner in Bulgaria

Pensioners are disconnected from the modern world

Seniors in Bulgaria are not tech-savvy. Few people are teaching them the basics of computer literacy . Therefore, pensioners stay disconnected from the modern world and can’t communicate effectively.

How does grandma knows best help Bulgarian pensioners?

employment opportiunity

We only hire pensioners to produce traditional handcrafted Bulgarian foods and crafts. We make sure our grannies get paid above average hourly wage and work in a sociable, grandma-friendly environment

Friendly and sociable environment

For every 4 hours of work at Grandma Knows Best, our pensioners get paid for an extra hour to socialize with each other, drink tea, play lotto and watch movies among other activities.

10% promise

10% of Grandma Knows Best Profits are re-invested into our computer literacy workshops, workplace wellness programs and charities, aimed to improve the quality of living of pensioners in Bulgaria


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Meet Vanya

Creator of the Almighty Ljutenitsa
Vanya's ljutenica recipe has matured in her family for generations. She's very excited to share the sacred goodness with the world.
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Experienced Cook
Vanya has graduated from a culinary school and has been a professoinal cook for over 50 years! She is extremely energetic and loves sharing her good energy with people through food
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Mother of 2 Kids, 2 Birds and a Dog
Vanya loves taking her of her family and spending time with her pets! She enjoyed sharing funny dog-bird interaction stories
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Apart from cooking, Vanya enjoys gardening, reading and listening to music. It's remarkable how she fits in all of those activities into her schedule!
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Thoughts on grandma knows best
Vanya loved our idea. She is excited with an opportiunity to make new friends, exchange recipes and socialize with other grannies at work.
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